Liberté, égalité, fraternité – only for the Jews?

Leave it to Gideon  Levy to ridicule the McCarthyite attacks on anybody criticizing Israel today. Last column  he tore a strip off the more Tory than Torah Chief Rabbi of England’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn. This week he skewers the French Government.Levy follows.

The plague is spreading. Under cover of the (just) war against anti-Semitism, Europe and the United States silence every voice daring to criticize Israel. Under cover of this war, they are undermining their freedom of speech. Incredibly, this new phenomenon is not triggering any protest, as one would expect. Laws labeling anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism and the anti-occupation movement as anti-Semitic, are passed with overwhelming majorities. Now they are playing into the hands of Israel and the Jewish establishment, but they are liable to ignite anti-Semitism when questions arise about the extent of their meddling.

Last week, the phenomenon hit France, cradle of the revolution. The French National Assembly passed by a sweeping majority a bill that adopts the definition of anti-Semitism issued by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Liberty? Equality? Fraternity? Not when it involves Israel. Here, these values are rendered mute.

French parliament member Sylvain Maillard formulated the bill. He is another friend of Israel’s who reportedly participated in a meeting with settler wheeler-dealer Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria regional council, some months ago. “Criticizing the very existence of Israel as a collective composed of Jewish citizens is tantamount to hatred towards the Jewish community as a whole; just like collectively holding Jews accountable for the policies of the Israeli authorities is an expression of anti-Semitism,” the law’s introduction states. The cat is out of the bag: It is forbidden to raise doubts about Zionism, one of the only ideologies in the world whose righteousness cannot be questioned by the nations of the free world.

First, the language. Israel “as a collective composed of Jewish citizens.” The nation-state law was also accepted in the National Assembly in Paris. If Israel is a collective of Jewish citizens, what are the Palestinian citizens? And what are the subjects living under occupation? The 154 parliamentarians who raised their hands in support of the decision cannot evade these questions. Liberté, égalité, fraternité – only for the Jews? And what are they offering the six million Palestinians, citizens and subjects of the occupation, who live under “the collective of Jewish citizens”? Second-rate liberty, equality, fraternity? From now on no one is even allowed to ask these questions. Anyone who asks is an anti-Semite.

Anti-Zionism is a legitimate position in Jewish history, and it also has a long history in Israel,” a petition signed in vain by 129 Jewish and Israeli professors and intellectuals against passage of the law, stated. The petition’s signatories mentioned that there were many anti-Zionist Holocaust survivors. Now they, too, are anti-Semites.

From now on, every Palestinian and every Arab, except for Ayoub Kara, is an anti-Semite. Even every Jew and every Israeli who supports a solution of one democratic and egalitarian state, precisely in the spirt of the French revolution, is an anti-Semite. So too anyone for whom Zionism is a colonialist movement – is that not a legitimate position? – is an anti-Semite.

For generations of Palestinians, Zionism is the essence of their existence; it expelled them from their country, deprived them of their lands, dishonored them, ruined their lives, and kills and torments them to this very day, without the end being in sight. Are they forbidden from being anti-Zionists? Are they able to not hate Zionism? Will France try them for the transgression of anti-Semitism? They are not fighting Zionism because they are anti-Semites. They are anti-Zionist only because Zionism destroyed their lives.

And what are the protesters of the fence around the cage of Gaza? Are they anti-Semites? Are they not freedom fighters? And what about people of conscience around the world who identify with them? From now on they are all anti-Semites, and that is outlawed in France. And if denying the right of Jewish self-determination is anti-Semitism, how will the French National Assembly refer to Israel’s denial of the Palestinians’ rights? Why does it not pass a law about that? Only because the Palestinians and justice don’t have a powerful lobby in France.

Hooray, Gilad Erdan! Great, Jews of France. Congratulations, Mr. Maillard. You’ve won.

The Card has lost power

Thankfully the antisemitic card has been played too many times and like all good tricks, too much usage negates its effect. The following story simply gives us another “Cry wolf” attempt.

These phoney trips to Israel (Hillel, Birthright) simply avoid the deep suffering  and humiliation of Palestinian life and it finally has become too much for serious Jews of integrity who understand that they have been lied to. Two years ago a young 20 year old Jewish student  at McGill Tali Iolesevich phrased it this way

I am meant to believe that the center and core of my existence as a Jew is tied to a strip of land an ocean away that can be crossed by car from tip to tail in less than six hours. A land that has been grabbed by force and violently occupied by white settlers since even before the night of the Nakba in 1948, and has since been defined by increasing military expansionism, state-sanctioned brutality, and discrimination against its non-Jewish citizens.

Sad to relate another McGill alumnus Prime Minister Trudeau has embarrassed himself by rejecting a tried and true nonviolent response to oppression BDS

From Independent Jewish Voices

The Student Society of McGill (SSMU has come under harsh criticism for censuring a student leader for accepting an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel-Palestine. While one student, Jordyn Wright, claims that she was singled out for accepting the trip invitation simply because she is Jewish, we stand by the SSMU in affirming the fact that the motion censuring Wright had nothing to do with her Jewish identity, but rather the fact that she was in contravention of the SSMU’s own conflict of interest policy for accepting a gift worth over $50 in monetary value. The reason she was the only person named in the SSMU’s motion is because, as a member of the SSMU Board of Directors, she was the only person who accepted the trip under SSMU’s jurisdiction.

“IJV firmly stands against any and all acts of antisemitism wherever they may appear, but sadly this is another example of pro-Israel groups using the red herring argument that anything that might hurt the reputation of Israel on campus is by extension antisemitic,” says Aaron Lakoff, a member of IJV. “Not only do false claims of antisemitism in this case hurt Palestinian students and their allies at McGill, but they also serve to put Jewish students at risk by weakening our ability to recognize actual acts of antisemitsm when they do occur. This is why IJV is campaigning against the International Holocaust Rememberance Association’s (IHRA) redefinition of antisemitism, which serves to conflate legitimate criticism of Israeli state policy with anti-Jewish hatred.”

IJV applauds the dozen or so McGill student leaders who decided to turn down the all-expenses paid trip. Organized by Hillel Montreal, the trip would have brought McGill students on a “once in a lifetime” delegation to Israel-Palestine from December 29 to January 8. In the words of Hillel, it was intended to be an “intensive experiential seminar that will explore the region’s deep history and grapple with nuanced political and religious realities”. The actual purpose of the trip seems to have been left intentionally vague in the Hillel invitation, but according to the Mcgill Daily, one executive of the SSMU claims that a Hillel representative offered the junkets as “a free trip to Israel so [they] could better understand the context of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement and educate others on campus [against it]”.

“Such trips have been a common tactic deployed in recent years by pro-Israel student groups with the goal of combatting Palestine solidarity activism and disuading student associations from passing BDS resolutions,” adds Lakoff. “While claiming to expose students to both sides of the Israel-Palestine debate, these Hillel-organized junkets clearly privilege narratives in favour of the Israeli occupation and colonization. At the same time, they seek to delegitimize BDS, a grassroots movement with widespread support among Palestinians living under occupation, in Israel and in exile.” 

Hillel chapters in the USA have organized over 40 similar student trips to Israel between 2014 and 2018. In the USA, these trips have been funded by the Maccabee Task Force, a conservative group intent on stopping BDS initiatives on campuses. 

“There is nothing innocent about these trips to Israel, a country that continues to thumb its nose at international law with the longest-running military occupation in modern history, and regular massacres of unarmed civilians,” said Lakoff. “Even as Hillel’s invitations were going out to McGill students over the fall, Israeli occupation forces killed over 30 people in Gaza, including several children.”

IJV and its student chapters will continue to work with all students who seek an end to Israeli occupation and colonization in Palestine. “We strongly encourage student leaders to refuse such trips to Israel in the future,” concluded Lakoff. 


The blind rabbi

who forgot Deuternomy 16:20 tzedek,tzedek tirdof— justice, justice you shall pursue.


By Jamie-Stern-Weiner

In a partisan intervention calculated to inflict maximum damage to Labour’s election campaign, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis ‘calls upon the citizens of our great country to study what has been unfolding before our very eyes’.

Let’s do that

The evidence indicates the following:

– There is no antisemitism crisis in Britain. The respected Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) emphasised in 2017 that Jews in Britain are ‘seen overwhelmingly positively by an absolute majority of the British population’. Anti-Jewish animus is relatively low, stable over time, and mild in effect; unlike many other forms of prejudice, it does not appear to translate into socioeconomic or legal discrimination, let alone widespread violence. As Mirvis himself observed, as recently as 2016, ‘life is good for Jews in the UK. . . . It is great to be Jewish in Britain’.

There is no antisemitism crisis in the Labour Party. No evidence has been presented showing that antisemitic attitudes among Labour members are widespread, or more widespread than in other parties, or more widespread than they used to be. On the contrary: surveys indicate that the prevalence of anti-Jewish attitudes has declined across the political spectrum since 2015, while antisemitism on the Left and among Labour supporters—the Labour Party’s natural constituencies from which its members are disproportionately drawn—is lower than on the Right and among Conservative supporters:

• ‘[t]he political left, captured by voting intention or actual voting for Labour, appears . . . a more Jewish-friendly, or neutral, segment of the population’ – Institute for Jewish Policy Research, 2017

• ‘Labour Party supporters are less likely to be antisemitic than other voters’ – Campaign Against Antisemitism, 2017

Let’s now look at the Chief Rabbi’s specific complaints. Bear in mind that this is the most damning evidence he was able to marshal against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership after fully four years of non-stop attacks that have marshalled every scrap of evidence, however minute and irrelevant, to discredit this leadership.

According to General Secretary Jennie Formby, reporting to Labour MPs in July 2019, the actual number of Labour members brought through the disciplinary process in relation to allegations of antisemitism amounts to approximately 0.06% of the membership. That’s less than one-tenth of one percent.

Life is good for Jews in the UK.The rabbi’s own allegations against Labour Party are wildly distorted.

(By Alan Maddison)

2. The Chief Rabbi alleges that ‘supporters of the Labour leadership have hounded parliamentarians, members and even staff out of the party for challenging anti-Jewish racism’. The Chief Rabbi is keen at smearing Labour but, alas, more parsimonious when it comes to the evidence. Indeed, the evidence shows that this allegation has mostly been contrived.

 For example, whereas it was alleged that Louise Ellman MP was driven out of the Party because she is Jewish, a forensic investigation by Jewish Voice for Labour found that she was unpopular for other reasons entirely, and that she and her supporters hurled false accusations of antisemitism to discredit their political opponents. Moreover, many left-wing Jews have faced astonishing intimidation and slander for refusing to fall in line with the anti-Labour smear campaign, while one study found that the politician most targeted for abuse is the Labour Shadow Home Secretary, and close Corbyn ally, Diane Abbott MP. In what must be the most shameful exploitation ever of antisemitism for partisan political gain, Corbyn himself has been slandered as an antisemite, even as his entire documented political career marks him out as—in the words of Jewish researcher and activist Joseph Finlay—‘Britain’s leading anti-racist politician’.

3. It is telling that the best the Rabbi can produce, after years of mud-slinging, is this feeble attempt at guilt-by-association. The British Government openly proclaims Saudi Arabia—among the world’s leading producers of sectarian as well as anti-Jewish propaganda—its close friend and ally. Does Chief Rabbi Mirvis consider this proof of antisemitism? The fact is, Jeremy Corbyn has, to his eternal credit, been an isolated supporter of the Palestinians’ long struggle for elementary human rights and dignity, consistent with his championing of human rights for Kurds, blacks in South Africa, and other oppressed peoples.

 By contrast, Chief Rabbi Mirvis and the rest of the British Jewish establishment have consistently endorsed and enabled Israel’s brutal racist regime. In summer 2014, as one of the world’s most sophisticated armies subjected the besieged civilians of Gaza to yet another unending barrage of explosives, Mirvis came out in support of the terror bombing. 550 children were killed. Before he presumes to lecture a principled anti-racist on ethics, shouldn’t the Chief Rabbi reflect upon his own abysmal moral record?

It is difficult to over-state how poorly Britain’s Jews are being served by their self-proclaimed communal leaders.

This election is not like any other. The far-right is winning around the world. It might very well be that we are just one economic crisis, one climate shock away from the return of fascism across Europe.

This is the real threat to Jewish people.

Jamie Stern-Weiner is a graduate student in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford. 

The Contract on Corbyn

The outlook of reform Judaism is the world. The outlook of Zionism is a corner of eastern Asia.”

Rabbi David Phillipson d.1942

Once again Gideon Levy zeroes in on Zionist desperation, pulling out all the stops to decapitate a national leader.

What a body blow to the universal ethics of Torah Judaism to see a prominent Jewish leader sell his precious  jewel for a cheap mess of pottage.

The tragic political stunt of chief  Rabbi Mirvis immediately brought to mind “the Mufti from Cleveland” as Chaim Weizmann styled him. Forgotten now Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver in the 40s  was a dominating Jewish voice  who as head of the American Zionist Emergency Committee flooded the White House with post cards and telegrams and caused Harry Truman to buckle to Zionist pressure. His only only English biographer maintained he was primarily a Zionist for whom statehood was the highest value. Imagine Jewish identity  corrupted by an allegiance to a state.

Step right up—the Boris  Johnson loving Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

The Contract on Corbyn Gideon Levy

The Jewish establishment in Britain and the Israeli propaganda machine have taken out a contract on the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. The contract was taken out a long time ago, and it was clear that the closer Corbyn came to being elected prime minister, the harsher the conflict would get.

On November 26 it reached its climax in an article by the chief rabbi of Britain, Ephraim Mirvis, in an article in The Times. Mirvis has decided that the anxiety of British Jews over Corbyn is justified and he is not fit to be prime minister. He called on Jews not to vote for Labour in the election on December 12.

Born in South Africa and a graduate of Har Etzion Yeshiva in the settlement of Alon Shvut, Mirvis is the voice of British Jewry. In Capetown, Johannesburg and Har Etzion, he should have learned what apartheid was and why one should fight it. His parents did so, but one doubts that he learned the moral lesson from the regions of disenfranchisement in which he lived in South Africa and the West Bank.

As opposed to the horrid Corbyn, Mirvis sees nothing wrong with the continued occupation; he does not identify with the struggle for Palestinian freedom, and he doesn’t sense the similarity between the South Africa of his childhood, Har Etzion of his youth and Israel of 2019. That is the real reason that he rejects Corbyn. The Jews of Britain also want a prime minister who supports Israel – that is, supports the occupation. A prime minister who is critical of Israel is to them an exemplar of the new anti-Semitism.

Corbyn is not an anti-Semite. He never was. His real sin is his staunch position against injustice in the world, including the version Israel perpetrates. Today this is anti-Semitism. The Hungarian Viktor Orban, the Austrian Freedom Party and the extreme right in Europe are not the danger to Jews. Corbyn is the enemy. The new and efficient strategy of Israel and the Zionist establishment brands every seeker of justice as an anti-Semite, and any criticism of Israel as hatred of Jews. Corbyn is a victim of this strategy, which threatens to paralyze and silence Europe with regard to Israel

British Jewry might not be faking its anxiety, but it is certainly magnifying the danger. There is anti-Semitism, though less that what is presented, certainly on the left. About half of British Jews are considering fleeing if Corbyn is elected. Let them flee. The survey that showed this could actually encourage anti-Semitism: Are the Jews of Britain conditionally British? To whom is their loyalty?

The future of all British Jews is much more secure than the future of any Palestinian living under the occupation, and even more secure than that of any Arab living in Israel. Jews are persecuted and are victims of discrimination and racism less so than the Palestinians in the Israel they hold dear. Moreover, Islamophobia in Europe is more common than anti-Semitism, but people talk about it less.

Mirvis presents no evidence of Corbyn’s anti-Semitism. It sufficed for him to note the fact that Corbyn described as “friends” those who “endorse the murder of Jews” – a reference to Corbyn’s comments on Hezbollah and Hamas. Corbyn is indeed a very harsh critic of the occupation, supports the boycott and compares the closure of Gaza with the siege of Stalingrad and Leningrad. These are anti-Israeli positions, but not necessarily anti-Semitic. The Jews of Britain are blurring this difference as are many Jews throughout the world, intentionally. One can (and should) be a harsh critic of Israel without being anti-Semitic.

If the Jews of Britain and their chief rabbi were more honest and courageous, they would ask themselves: Isn’t Israel’s brutal occupation policy the strongest motive for anti-Semitism today? There is anti-Semitism, it must be fought, but it must also be recognized that Israel supplies it an abundance of excuses and motives.

The Jews and Israel’s true friends should hope that Corbyn is elected. He is a statesman who can change international discourse about the occupation and the struggle against it. He is a ray of hope for a different world and a different Israel – and what more could we want.

Jerusalem Post: no evidence for shocking anti-Semitism claim

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Mark Twain

The question however remains will those who uncritically jumped on this smear repair the damage they caused? Will elected officials all with duties of office admit their culpability? Where is the contrition of Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Doug Ford and John Tory all of whom targeted innocent students.

And where is the shame of Toronto councillor James Pasternak always counted on to suppress any criticism of Israel in metro Toronto. He too has egg on his face with this embarrassing tweet:

A disgraceful display of anti-Israel,anti-Semitic violence at York University yesterday.The mob violence isan attack on our free and civil society.We must all condemn the growing hate in Toronto.

Nice work Councillor

Nora Barrows-Friedman of   Media Watch  reported (edited) 

A major Israeli newspaper has conceded that it has no credible evidence for accusing students at Canada’s York University of shocking anti-Jewish bigotry.

The Jerusalem Post initially claimed that hundreds of students protesting the presence of Israeli soldiers on their Toronto campus on 20 November, chanted “Intifada, Intifada, go back to the ovens” at Jewish participants.

They were protesting an event hosted by Reservists on Duty, a group that brings Israeli soldiers to speak on campuses.

The newspaper has now admitted that the evidence-free accusation was made by a former member of an Israeli army death squad who is now part of an elite propaganda outfit.

It offered no substantiation for the inflammatory accusation, and despite there being numerous videos from the event, none provides any evidence to support the assertion.

Moreover, the group Christian Peacemaker Teams, whose members witnessed the event, says the chant never happened.

Yet the initial accusation was accepted on its face by Canadian leaders. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined in the attack on the York students, accusing them of directing “violence and racist chants” against Jews.

But it was not Jewish students or supporters of Israel who were attacked and subjected to abuse.

It was the students rallying for Palestinian rights who were attacked by members of the Jewish Defense League, a violent anti-Palestinian group.

After JDL members assaulted protesters outside the event, Reservists on Duty – backed by Israeli media and Canadian politicians – smeared the protesters as anti-Semites.

Still, no shred of evidence has emerged a full week later.

During the 20 November event, the Calgary-born Sher Leyb (bottom row, second from right) stated during the 20 November event that he was a member of Duvdevan, an elite Israeli military unit whose members often disguise themselves as Palestinians in order to carry out extrajudicial executions.

According to the group’s Facebook page, Leyb joined a 2017 tour as part of Reservists on Duty “to give their testimony and to battle the outrageous lies that delegitimize the IDF [Israeli army] and the State of Israel.”

Smear artists

The unit aims to smear Palestine solidarity activism as “anti-Semitism.”

As Vancouver activist Marion Kawas points out, Leyb clearly had an agenda to smear the Palestine rights supporters – and The Jerusalem Post helped him.

Still no evidence  to support the claim that anyone at all chanted “go back to the ovens.”

Lawyer and human rights campaigner Dimitri Lascaris says he has examined “over 50 separate video clips taken at the York University protest, but found no evidence of violent or anti-Semitic conduct on the part of Palestinian solidarity activists.”

“In particular, in none of those videos could pro-Palestinian protesters be heard to chant the words ‘go back to the ovens,’” Lascaris adds.

Lascaris also notes that Shar Leyb speaks in six of the dozens of video clips but “At no time in any of those clips did Leyb claim to have heard pro-Palestinian protesters chant ‘go back to the ovens.’”

“The damage has been done, the smear was repeated and repeated, and a half-hearted revision five days after the first story will not [undo] the harm that has been caused,” Kawas writes.

Michael Bueckert tweeted

The Jerusalem Post backs away from some of its most inflammatory false claims about the pro-Palestinian protest at York, which had been eagerly exploited in order to smear activists (who had actually been subject to JDL violence and racism)

Independent Jewish Voices did as well

IJV unequivocally supports courageous Palestinian students and their allies who showed up en masse at York University in Toronto on November 20th to protest a planned presentation by members of Israel’s occupying forces” 

Hours after the initial email exchange, Kawas says that the Post issued an update to its article, which slightly amended the lead sentence to attribute the chant to “several protesters.”

The Post also added an editor’s note claiming “a mistake in editing accidentally attributed the chant … to all of the protesters at the event. This was not the case. The comment was made by a handful of protesters to some of the organizers.”

Yet this effort at spin is no more honest than the original article.

Missive from a parallel universe

“We cannot function as Jews by trying to live a vicarious Israeli experience on American soil.”Rabbi Eugene Borowitz

“Israel is on the side of God”. david Friedman

US ambassador to Israel David Friedman May 14, 2

“For many American Jews—-and I suspect for most American Jews—-Israel has become the content of their  Jewish religious identification.  It has very little other content. “ 

Rabbi Henry Siegman, former head of the American Jewish Congress 

On November 20 Canada voted to support the UN resolution calling for the right of the palestinian to have a state 163 countries at the UN General Assembly voted yea.while five countries — the U.S., Israel, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Nauru — voted against and nine others abstained.

Wow those major world players Micronesia the Marshall Islands and Nauru supported Israel along with that formidable enabler of Occupation, the USA.

The rest of the world beyond the blinkered vision of  the American and Israeli governments get it. You simply can not hide it anymore.

On all international polls Israel has become a pariah nation. Young Jews are in revolt recognizing that they have been lied to by major Jewish groups whose Zionism and Israel-centric worldviews has departed from its Judaic universal and prophetic tradition.

In 1885 Reform rabbis meeting in Pittsburgh adopted a set of principles which came to be known as the Pittsburgh Platform. The Reform program rejected Jewish nationalism. Its fifth paragraph declared explicitly: “We consider ourselves no longer a nation, but a religious community.” The platform emphasized that Reform Judaism denied Jewish peoplehood and nationalism of any variety.

Today’s   young Jews of conscience  have woken to the wasted energy and false  priorities of defending a state on the other side of the ocean as somewhat central to their religion. Palestine for these  people is not the homeland of the Jews. it is an ethnocratic  foreign state doing terrible things to the original inhabitants. Their true home is Torah and  the pursuit of justice.

 In 1929 Rabbi Aaron Samuel Tamarat. wrote 

Judaism at root is not some religious concentration which can be localized or situated in a single territory … Neither is Judaism a matter of ‘nationality’ in the sense of modern nationalism, fit to be woven into the famous three-fold mesh of ‘homeland, army, and heroic songs.’ No Judaism is Torah, ethics, and exaltation of spirit. If Judaism is truly Torah, then it cannot be reduced to the confines of any particular territory. For as Scripture said of Torah: ‘Its measure is greater than the heart …’ (Job 11:9).”  

This truth is being rediscovered once again. Zionism is being recognized as a false creed, a momentary historical diversion from universal Judaism.The state of Israel is not central to Judaism. God is, ethical monotheism is, prophetic universal morality tzedek, tzeek tirdof is   justice, justice you shall pursue, Do not waste your time defending an apartheid state.This is idolatry.

David Elazar coined the term Israelotry to describe his contention hat American Jews turned to worshiping Israel rather than the God of Israel. 

Now in high dudgeon cometh this bizarre release from CIJA The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs 

Last week, Canada reversed 15 years of principled Canadian opposition to the annual ritual of Israel-bashing at the United Nations. 

After more than a decade of opposition to the demonization and delegitimization of Israel at the UN, and the repeated commitments made to our community – this was a betrayal.

Over the weekend, Canada’s Ambassador to the UN was boasting about this vote reversal on Twitter saying: “Canada rediscovers its voice at the UN.”

Canada rediscovers its voice? 

For the first time in years, Canada chose to side with dictatorships like North Korea rather than opposing the annual barrage of hate against Israel, Canada’s democratic ally. 

Mr. Blanchard found his voice. Now find yours. Take Action!

Tell the Prime Minister that you are incensed by this betrayal of Canada’s Jewish community.

Sad beyond words. A missive from a parallel universe.

Provocative charade at York

Sometime you have to shake your head at real bonehead moves.  One happened at York University last Wednesday.  One wonders why any self-respecting university would allow an event headlined by reservists and soldiers from a military that has committed innumerable human rights abuses and war crimes — as recently as today — to proceed.

Herut Canada, the sponsoring organization is styled as the “Jabotinsky Movement” is a far-right Zionist organization committed “to redeeming the Jewish nation from exile and representing the people of Israel from all corners of the Diaspora.”

Anyone familiar with Zionism’s history and Jabotinsky’s role would anticipate trouble on the horizon. Ze’ev Jabotinsky was the moral and tactical godfather of Menachem Begin and the Netanyahu clan. We are talking far right, brutal and racist.

So here is Herut Canada sponsoring an evening November 20 at York University guaranteed to cause a ruckus. They brought on to the campus Israeli Defense Force (IDF) reservists who were going to teach the assembled “about the Arab-Israeli conflict.” I mean these are Israeli soldiers.

Talk about a red flag.  What was the York University administration thinking?Even the mild mannered Jewish  university group Hillel opted out of this  provocative charade asking that it be cancelled

The IDF called the Israeli Massacre Forces by Israeli journalist, Gideon Levy (Haaretz, Apr 1, 2018). This is an army of occupation accused of innumerable war crimes. Levy who regularly tracks the IDF’s brutal behaviour consistently mocks “the most moral army in the world.“  After a particularly savage massacre during Passover last year he wrote: 

“The killing of Palestinians is accepted in Israel more lightly than the killing of mosquitoes. There’s nothing cheaper in Israel than Palestinian blood. If there were a hundred or even a thousand deaths Israel would still “salute” the IDF.”

Herut knew what it was doing. This would be a major act of provocation especially now with many Palestinians and Muslim students attending what was formerly a very Jewish educational enclave.  The fuse was lit and a melee ensued. Cops were called and Herut got what it wanted: another opportunity at crying “anti-Semitism.” Herut’s office makes it clear, a huge sign assuring us anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

The usual Israel firsters erupted in their high dudgeon none of them eye witnesses John Tory, Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer pimping for credibility in the Jewish community.

Tory: “I am very disturbed by the apparent polarization and violence evident from the events of last night at York University. I have heard concerns from several Jewish groups in our city today. Anti-Semitism and violence is totally unacceptable.”

Ford: “I was shocked by the vile hatred that was on display last night at York University. I have been clear that there is no place in Ontario for racism and hatred. My caucus and I stand with the students at York University who had to endure this.  I am disappointed that York University allowed for a hate-filled protest to take place last night at Vari Hall. I stand with the Jewish students and the Jewish community. There is no place in Ontario for racism and hatred.”

And Andrew Scheer:  “I’m appalled by the intimidating scenes that occurred last night at York University. I unequivocally condemn the acts of antisemitism faced by the members of the Jewish community at the event. Nobody in Canada should feel unsafe because of their ethnicity.”

Worse than this by far was the pathetic response of Prime Minister as reported by Dimitri Lascaris.

Finally, Justin Trudeau got in on the act. On November 23, Trudeau tweeted that “violence & racist chants broke out against an event organized by the Jewish community at York University. What happened that night was shocking and absolutely unacceptable. Anti-Semitism has no place in Canada. We will always denounce it & all forms of hatred.”

Except one must add if its the racist State violence of the state of Israel’s Massacre Forces and I can curry favour with some in the Jewish community.

Herut played these pols perfectly and they reacted like the dupes they are – ill informed and playing to the more powerful Zionist politically craven politicians.

The board of Palestine House based in Mississauga formally and publicly warned York’s Ross McMillan, Director, Student Community & Leadership Development with what was at stake:

“As you may be aware, the Israeli military has been accused numerous times by the UN of human rights violations, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Amnesty International’s reports on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories are clear on Israel’s human rights record. And Canada considers Israel’s occupation and settlements illegal.”

We must ask again – why is a university allowing an event headlined by active soldiers from an army that has committed innumerable human rights abuses and war crimes — as recently as this week — to proceed.

As far as violence went Dan Savage, an Israeli-born Canadian living in Vaughan wrote on Twitter while wearing a Trump “Keep America Great” hat:

“One of my boys knocked out one of their guys.  He was out for like 10 minutes.  The best thing that happened last night.”

The worst thing that happened last Wednesday at York University was politicians who have been knocked unconscious not for ten minutes but for years pontificating on matters they know nothing about.and that includes a stunningly uninformed Prime Minister.