Horror! Palestinian flags in Tel Aviv!

Flags together

On August 11 tens of thousands Palestinians and Israelis marched in unison to protest Israel’ nation state law.They were there  in support of the Druze community who also rejected the  law which marginalized a community which had been very loyal to Israel.

If there is one thing Netanyahu and the IDF hate to see in the public square  are Palestinian flags, a reminder of the indigenous people of Israel who refuse to go away.But there they were much to the disgust of Israel’s growing right wing.

PALESTINE FLAGS IN THE HEART OF TEL AVIV,” headline the next morning’s Yedioth Ahronoth.

Chicken Little, the heavens are falling!

Many Israelis like  Haaretz columnist Bradley Burston (Aug 14) see hope fluttering in the wind.

It took Benjamin Netanyahu to get me to take a long look at the flag of Palestine, and to see the beauty in it.

It took Benjamin Netanyahu, and a march through the heart of Tel Aviv, a protest organized and led by Palestinian Israelis, a march of Palestinians and Jews together against the legislation by which the prime minister just changed this country forever, the nation-state law.

It took the beauty of families, their smiles as they marched, their pride, their goal. Smiles across a divide that often seems much too wide and deep ever to be bridged. Their signs said it all. The word Equality, the words Arabs and Jews Together, the words Democracy for All, the words Arabs and Jews Refuse to Be Enemies, the words A Different Future for Our Children – all of them in Hebrew and Arabic both

“PALESTINE FLAGS IN THE HEART OF TEL AVIV,” screamed the alarm-bells black-background banner headline fronting the next morning’s Yedioth Ahronoth.

With everything they had, Netanyahu and his people drove home the message that the Palestinian flag stands for nothing but terrorism, genocide, annihilation. When you see the flag of Palestine, he made clear with the repetition and rhythm of a hypnotist, what you need to feel is dread – the dread of Arab rising against Jew.

But the real terror that Netanyahu himself feels is in a different photograph, one of the Palestinian flag and the Israeli flag waving one beside the other.

The real terror that Netanyahu feels is the fear that Arab and Jew will rise up together. That Arab and Jew will stand up together against the theocrats and bigots and machoists and maximalists who divide them, set one against another, make decisions that result only in suffering and hopelessness and shattered childhoods and violent, senseless, needless death.

That picture, the two flags together, is an earthquake in the making. It says that there is a way out of this.