The Government thugs of Israel


You really have to experience the public face of occupation to believe how crude and boorish Israeli civil servants are  at check points and border crossings. Their insulting behaviour would get them fired in any self-respecting democracy.

Having seen some of these ignoramuses first hand, many of them 20 year olds, male and female, shout and scream at other human beings, you wonder how a country with so many talented people tolerates such insensitive and crass behavior.

The following, sadly is  becoming more and more common, as Israel losing control of the one-sided narrative it has peeddled for years continues to plummet in public opinion.

American author and former CNN host Reza Aslan tweeted August 14 that he was detained while crossing into Israel from Jordan and separated from his family two weeks ago.

We can make it so you don’t see your kids for a long time,” Aslan reported that he was told. ·

Aslan said that leading Jewish-American journalist Peter Beinart’s detention for questioning at the Ben-Gurion International Airport while entering Israel, which Haaretz reported Monday, had “spurred” him to “share my own.”

According to Aslan, “the Shin Bet lady, who already knew everything about me and my family’s journey around the world, began with ‘You think because you’re a public person I can’t do whatever I want with you?’ I was floored. This is how interrogations begin in police states.”

On his Twitter feed, Aslan related the rest of his experience, saying that his interrogator asked him: “You don’t think Israel should exist yes?” to which he replied: “That’s absurd. I’m against the occupation, not Israel.”

Aslan claims the interrogator proceeded to ask him to write down the names of Palestinians and journalists he knows and associates with and of Palestinian organizations he supports, while threating him that he would not see his children if he didn’t cooperate.

According to Aslan, his wife, two children- aged six and three- and “elderly in-laws” were waiting for him outside in the August sun.

Aslan says this was his fourth visit to Israel in a decade, and that in his experience, entering Israel had gotten worse each time.


Aslan reported that at the end of his interrogation, he was warned not to enter the Palestinian territories or “speak to any Palestinians or any Israeli trouble makers.” In addition, Aslan says he was told: “I may let you into Israel but, who knows, I may not let you out. I will keep you here and kick out your family. It depends on you. You would miss your kids yes? We are watching you.”

Aslan, who was born in Iran and whose family fled the Iranian revolution in 1979 to the United States, said on Twitter that his interrogator asked him “Who did your father work for in Iran?”

The author claims that when he told her he was seven years old when he left and thus didn’t know, he was told: “Oh Mr Scholar! You can tell me everything about the Ottoman Empire but you don’t know your own father’s history?”


Visitors from Muslim and Arab descent are often detained and questioned at Israel’s border. Recently, many reports have emerged concerning the detention of Israelis and Jews who are critical of Israel at the borders or in the airport.In august they targetted the wrong Jew,Peter Beinart, a well known liberal Zionist, no longer willing to tolerate Israel’s crude behaviour.after humiliating him at Ben Gurion, Beinart tweeted

“Benjamin Netanyahu has half-apologized for my detention yesterday at Ben Gurion airport,” he tweeted. “I’ll accept when he apologizes to all the Palestinians and Palestinian-Americans who every day endure far worse.”

My favourite story concerns the noted palestinian writer Susan Abulhawa.The last time the proud 45 year old American citizen was subjected to a 7 hour humiliation at the hands of security officials, she lost it–as would anybody.


“ You wish you had the same roots as I do,” she shouted. “You should be the one to leave, not me! I’m a daughter of this land.”

Later on on Facebook she let it all hang out…wouldn’t you?

“Denied entry to my homeland by a bunch of fucking Zionist colonizers who didn’t think I was sufficiently differential. Livid,”