Holocaust survivor responds to Prime Minister Trudeau’s belated apology

Why is Justin Trudeau so poor on Palestinian rights?We know the power of the Zionist lobby in the USA  the hold that Haim Saban had on the Clintons but  a new day is dawning as young jews are bailing on Israel today and discovering the rampant injustice meted out to the original indigenous. Now this  apology of an ancient wrong  but silence on the craven shooting of hundreds at the Gaza border.Such craven leadership


Suzanne Weiss lays it all out.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

Thank you for issuing a belated apology from Canada to the Jews from Germany who sought refuge here in 1939 while desperately fleeing from the Nazi murder machine.

Unfortunately, your apology rings hollow when, in the name of Canadians and the whole Jewish people, you denounce the non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, which the Palestinians and their supporters around the world are using to pressure their Israeli persecutors and colonizers to respect Palestinian human rights and abide by international law.

The BDS campaign embodies the humanitarian values we hold so dear by defending Palestinian victims of the illegal Israeli occupation of their lands, protesting their unequal equal treatment within Israel, and supporting their quest to be liberated from the world’s largest open-air prison, where they are confined in Gaza. Your expression of regret for the “callousness of Canada’s response” in 1939 would resonate more convincingly if you would speak with equal empathy for unarmed Palestinians being shot down by Israeli snipers as they engage in non-violent protest marches.

As someone who is a Holocaust survivor, I am alive today because I was hidden in France within Nazi territory by farming people inspired by love for all of humanity. We must all demonstrate the spirit of human solidarity that Canada failed to show in 1939 to counter the persecution and suffering of all afflicted peoples, including the Palestinians.

Suzanne Berliner Weiss

Member, Independent Jewish Voices