Canary mission and desperate Israel

The marvellous Jewish Voice for Peace today called attention to the disgusting, paranoid attacks on young Jews of conscience.


The once shadowy funding structures and partnerships between US-based Israel lobby groups and the Israeli government to spy on, blacklist and threaten American activists are increasingly emerging into the cold hard light of day,. An investigation by the American-jewish paper the Forward in October revealed  that a major San Francisco-based Jewish communal organization has been a top funder of Canary Mission, the anonymous website that aims to tarnish the reputations of US supporters of Palestinian rights. Not very Jewish but decidedly right-wing Zionist.

canary mission2-1


This is bit another desperate attempt to redeem  the far right Israeli government ferom its descent into a cauldron of desperate hate.

documents now prove that Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs has been using Canary Mission “to bar political activists from entering Israel,” according to Israeli daily Haaretz, corroborating testimonies by activists, students and human rights lawyers.

The ministry is in charge of Israel’s global war against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, an effort that reportedly involves the use of clandestine “black ops.”

Correctly labelled  a “slander site “ by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Canary Mission” has run a sophisticated smear campaign casting JVP as an antisemitic terrorist supporting organization.

This is how incredibly desperate israel has become as they lose the credibility wars.

Now they are attacking Jewish students who support Palestinian rights.

45 JVP student activists are listed on this modern-day McCarthyite blacklist. Names, photos, social media profiles: everything designed to destroy their reputations and invite cyber-bullies to go after them.

This is what it’s come to.

Canary Mission’s goal is to get students fired for their activism, and anti-BDS organizations have gone as far as harassing student’s employers on the phone after seeing Canary Mission profiles.

For people of color and Palestinians the consequences are even worse. The Israeli government uses Canary Mission to ban entry to the country – meaning students can be cut off from their families unless they publicly ‘repent’ on their pro-Palestinian views.

It’s anonymous cyber-bullying to scare off the strongest generation of BDS activists yet.