Zionism does not equal Judaism

No as a matter of fact Zionism is originally a twisted fundamentalist Christian confection going back a few hundred years. The origins of the movement can be traced to the early 19th century when a group of eccentric British Christian leaders began to lobby for Jewish restoration to Palestine as a necessary precondition for the return of Christ. Herzl’s biggest fans  were British clergy. Today Christian Zionists, largely white evangelicals with a deficient understanding of scripture outnumber Jewish zionists  10-1.

More recently  the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 and the capture of Jerusalem in 1967 were considered  the miraculous fulfillment of God’s promises made to Abraham that he would establish Israel as a Jewish nation forever in Palestine. The Palestinian indigenous are missing in this profanation of scripture.

As for Judaism and Zionism



Artwork by Lisa Kokin for the Jewish Alliance Against Zionism, 1978, courtesy of the Palestine Poster Project