The sadists go free in Palestine

Palestinians report that Israeli settlers have burned down agricultural land including valuable olive trees, while Israeli forces prevented the Palestinian owners from putting out the fires;

This was a headline  one year ago and as Gideon Levy has reported for a week “the human scum” are still at it. The scribe eschewing any irony reported  that  all this took place  three days  before Tu B’Shvat, the Jewish Arbor Day.

These  are the fanatic settlers that Israel has supported for decades, in this case eco-terrorists who are never convicted of their persistent wanton cruelty to the indigenous of Palestine.

Levy wrote on January 27

Villagers deny claims that the settlers were attacked by farmers. Anyone familiar with the Shiloh Valley knows how difficult, impossible really, it is to believe such claims. The settlers descend upon fields that aren’t theirs for the sole purpose of evicting residents from their land and striking fear. That’s the aim, that’s the goal.

That is the routine here in the land of the outposts, especially in Al-Mughayyir. I was in the village last week, and I saw the still and bleeding remains of 25 olive trees planted 35 years ago, cut down by electric saws, tree after tree, on Friday January 11,

Pales family

This time these cowards ended the life of Hamdi Talib Saadeh Naasan, 38, a father of four. An additional 15 villagers were wounded. Nine were admitted to the Ramallah hospital; three needed surgery.

The farmers and villagers who rushed to help them fled south, toward the village, as soldiers and settlers fired first tear gas, that enveloped the homes, and then live ammunition. They shot at them as they fled. Na’asan was shot in the back. The Israel Defense Forces said Saturday night that he was shot by a settler. It took an hour to bring him to the government hospital in Ramallah.

 The Electronic Intifada puts all of this obscenity in a supposedly democratic country in context.

Human rights organizations, israelis of conscience seem to be saying Why bother even reporting this?


Israeli police in the occupied West Bank have ordered an investigation into Naasan’s killing.

But according to the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, which stopped cooperating with such investigations in 2016, Israeli probes into killings and injuries of Palestinians form a system that “whitewashes” and “serves as a fig leaf for the occupation.”

Moreover, data from the Israeli human rights group Yesh Din show that just three percent of Israeli police investigations of “ideologically motivated” crimes against Palestinians by Israeli civilians result in a conviction.

Increasingly, according to Yesh Din’s research, Palestinians do not even bother to report crimes against them to the Israeli police, given the effective impunity Israeli perpetrators enjoy.

A small ray of hope the New York Times Sunday February 3 reported this heinous crime.Do not wait for the Toronto papers to even mention this regular occurrence