Baruch Goldstein mass murderer 25 years later

I did not see any references to the  25th anniversary this week of the mass murder of Palestinians at prayer by the Israeli Kahanist  Baruch Goldstein,


This is from my book I Was a Catholic Zionist

Even one million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.

 Rabbi Yaacov Perrin at the funeral of Baruch Goldstein who murdered 29 Muslims in the Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron on February 25,1994

“Here lies the saintly revered Dr. Baruch Kapel Goldstein… Son of Israel.  He gave his soul for the sake of the people of Israel, The Torah, and the Land.  His hands are clean and his heart good… He was assassinated for the Sanctity of God”

The tomb of Baruch Goldstein

On the Jewish holiday of Purim, February 25,1994, Baruch Goldstein, a doctor in the Israeli army, walked into Hebron’s Mosque of Ibrahim and opened fire on the Muslim worshippers. Twenty-nine people were murdered and 125 were wounded before he was beaten to death by survivors. The horrific mass murder stunned the nation. It also showed how pernicious and deep was Jewish fundamentalism.

It was not as if Goldstein suddenly appeared on the scene. He was already known as an Arab hater who had consistently breached army discipline by refusing to treat non-Jews. usually those who flouted what had become a sacred discipline in Israel, army orders, would get you immediately cashiered. Those in higher places looked the other away. Such was the political power of the ultranationalist religious.

Goldstein was an American born Jew, a Brooklynite from an orthodox family. Already a supporter of the racist rabbi Meir Kahane, he emigrated to Israel at age 25. Sent to Lebanon, he continued his racist behaviour. “I am not willing to treat any non-Jew. I recognize as legitimate only two (religious) authorities: Maimonides and Kahane.” This should have been a red flag.


In 1984, after a unity government was formed, Goldstein’s insubordination was brought to the attention of Defense Minister Rabin and the Chief of Staff Moshe Levy. Naturally, they wanted to fire him. Easier said than done. When Goldstein’s mass murder was later investigated, it was admitted that the fear of the settlers was a determining factor, so sadly they let it slide, unwilling to face the backlash.

Zionist supporters and Israel firsters in North America have been totally unaware how the dramatic skewering of the Zionist enterprise by Jewish fundamentalism has infected Israeli politics. Goldstein, in death, had to be painted as “a lone wolf”, ”a bad apple”, “a non-non-Jew Jew.” He must have been a psychopath who suffered a momentary breakdown. Rabin, who would later be murdered by another “true messianic believer,” quickly cast him into the nether darkness: “You are not part of the community of Israel…..You are not part of the national democratic camp which we all belong to in this house, and many of the people despise you. You are not partners in the Zionist enterprise. You are a foreign implant. You are an errant weed. Sensible Judaism spits you out.”


Much of this was, of course, true. A repugnance was felt by most Israelis but the fact remains that the legal national authority in the face of international concern consistently allowed these racist tails to wag the dog of government. Their “bad religion” was full of anti-gentile feeling. According to their halacha, the killing by a Jew of a non-Jew is not regarded as murder. The leader of the Gush, Rabbi Moshe Levinger, who died in May of 2015 commented on the massacre in these terms: “I am sorry not only about dead Arabs but about dead flies.”

Nice comment from a rabbi.

Rabin was correct in saying that “sensible Judaism indeed spat Goldstein out” – but sensible Judaism had long ago departed from Israel. Rabin was wrong in stating that the fanatic settler extremist was “not a partner in the Zionist enterprise.” After the Biltmore Program of 1942, Zionism made it abundantly clear what had often been hidden in the essence of its movement – its original sin was expulsion. Goldstein simply had removed 29.


Palestinians. State ideology was simply more discreet in its“slow-motion genocide.” Those who lived there, those who visited,were well aware of the coarsening of daily life. Today the racism is endemic.

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