Norman Finkelstein on war crimes

Israeli forces have killed 183 Palestinians since weekly Great March of Return demonstrations began in Gaza nearly a year ago targeting Israel’s heavily militarized separation barrier. That’s according to a new United Nations inquiry that found Israeli forces may have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity by targeting unarmed children, journalists and the disabled in Gaza. The report was released by the U.N. Human Rights Council on Thursday.


Israel always sends out brainwashed  hacks to defend “the only democracy in the Middle East” when it engages in wholesale slaughter. Everybody knows these trolls  lie with bold-face impunity. This is not new. In decades past they had nobody in their hasbara division who could stand up to the towering Plalestinian intellectual Edward Said. The best thy could do according to Robert Fisk the pre-eminent reporter on the Middle East is to trot out that “old artillery-piece Alan Dershowitz.”

There is an extraordinary hubris here and it is shocking to democrats in the west that Israel continues despite all the evidence  to blithely kill, maim, blow up  homes and steal land  while literally the whole world is watching. They simply can not hide it anymore. They have divined, often quite correctly, that their great protector the bought and paid for Senate and House of the USA  government and the Trudeau  government will continue to stand by them.


Now that Said has died, Norman Finkelstein the scion of  Holocaust survivors shreds all the hasbara  their official spokespeople trot out/ Witness this  Finkelstein speaking on Democracy Now below —but never on CNN, the New York Times, the Globe or the Star.

ironically Finkelstein is the sublect of a hatchet job in todays’s flagship Zionism defender the National Post. The headlines  read Deeply disturbing’: U of T talk by anti-Israel activist Norman Finkelstein. Disturbing to whom one might ask. Finkelstein is in a class by himself as an exhaustive researcher on Israel’s war crimes.

Here he speaks on Democracy Now

Well, Israel has always rejected the reports, whether they come from the United Nations or, more often than not,come from reputable human rights organizations, like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch or the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem. So. It’s a report that falls in line with the findings of every reputable human rights organization.


What most struck me about the report was it was remarkably honest. It was very forthright in its conclusions. And it didn’t fake this kind of balance, which most human rights organizations, even reputable ones, attempt between Israel and the United States. So, just to take a couple of examples, it forthrightly stated that Israel targets intentionally children during these demonstrations. It targets reporters. It targets medical personnel. There is no fake balance

If you look at the proportions, when it looks at the damages done to the people of Gaza, they devote 10 full pages and “Impact on Israel.” It’s three paragraphs. And that’s exactly what the reality shows, that overwhelmingly—in fact, virtually entirely—all the infliction of death and destruction is on the Palestinian side.These are massacres. They’re not conflicts. They’re not engagements. They’re just outright massacres of overwhelmingly unarmed, nonviolent demonstrators.

It’s time to indict Israel.