Cory Booker AIPAC stooge

It  should never surprise us how craven public figures act when they are in the hunt for the golden ring. Kudos for the Intercept and Mondoweiss to pull the curtain back on a truly pathetic democratic  challenger for the presidency, New Jersey senator Cory Booker.

Yesterday the Intercept published a secret recording of Senator Cory Booker meeting with a New Jersey delegation at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington last week — AIPAC is the leading Israel lobby organization — and the speech is so over the top it’s hard to fathom. It ends with Booker consecrating Israel and the U.S. as one in the name of Martin Luther King and his murder in Memphis, a sermon by the senator you will have to read to believe.

Booker also says: Donald Trump is endangering Israel’s security in Syria; there is no “greater moral vandalism” than dividing the US and Israel; Booker would cut off his right hand before abandoning Israel; he lobbied black congresspeople not to boycott Netanyahu’s 2015 speech because we need to show a “united front” with Israel; AIPAC is an “incredible… great” organization whose mission is urgent now because of rising anti-Semitism; he “text messages back and forth like teenagers” with AIPAC’s president Mort Fridman; and he swears to uphold bipartisan support in the Congress for Israel and give it even more money.

And Booker says not one word about Palestinian human rights or Israel’s persecution of Palestinians. That’s right. A  progressive senator who invokes Martin Luther King Jr. over and over again has not one word to say about the Jim Crow status of Palestinians while describing Israel as a “country that I love so deeply, that changed my life from the day I went there as a 24 year old.” I assume this really is all about the Benjamins. Booker is running for president and needs mainstream Jewish/Zionist funding.

The progressive base of the Democratic Party is going against Israel, but Booker isn’t leaving the choir.

Here’s the Jersey senator’s cut-off-my-right-hand moment. Booker lavishes praise on AIPAC and then echoes the famous psalm:

Don’t fall prey to cynical attempts to try to pit members of this great organization against the Democratic Party…

Israel is not political to me. It’s not political. I was a supporter of Israel well before I was a United State Senator. I was coming to AIPAC conferences well before I knew that one day I would be a federal officer. If I forget thee, o Israel, may I cut off my right hand. [Applause]

Ed note: This also shows Booker’s biblical illiteracy.The psalmist is not referring to the modern state of Israel. The word ‘Israel’ in Scripture and in the canonical writings of the religion, Judaism, speaks of the holy community that God has called forth through Abraham and Sarah, to which God has given the Torah (‘teaching’) at Mount Sinai(Rabbi Jacob Neusner)

Booker says that the AIPAC “conference is coming at a deeply critical time” because of the rise of anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. in recent years. He segues right from the rise of anti-Semitism to the rise of anti-Zionism. “We must take acts on a local stage against vicious acts that target Israel. That’s why I’m cosponsor of Senate Bill 720. Israel anti-Boycott Act,” he says.

Booker deplores the Republican effort in the Senate to push legislation that divided Democrats and Republicans over Israel. He says that he “worked with AIPAC on the last BDS bill… condemning the BDS movement for its threat to the state of Israel” and sought to make the legislation acceptable to everyone. But the Republican leadership insisted on a partisan bill.

This is not in the AIPAC spirit.

This incredible organization has been trying to say again and again. Partisanship stops at the water’s edge… What greater tradition has there been in America… going back to the founding of Israel… that we have common cause with the state of Israel?… God, I find myself  fighting every year to make sure that the bipartisan commitment stays.

As part of that fight, Booker consulted with AIPAC in 2015 when Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress in defiance of the Iran deal, to keep black congresspeople from boycotting the speech. They should hang in there out of respect for the office of prime minister:

IBooker assured a questioner he’s always been for more money to Israel.

Unequivocally 100 percent absolutely [yes] to the 3.3 billion [a year]. I have been on the front lines every time an MOU is up to make sure Israel gets the funding it needs. I even pushed for more funding.

Mondoweiss printed a response to this pathetic cringe-worthy attempt to suck up for “the Benjamins.” This should end this poser’s political career.

Mysterioso writes

Senator Cory Booker’s rant provides more evidence that a major shift is steadily taking place regarding relations between “Israel” and the United States, its unquestioning bought and paid for supporter and benefactor since 1948. The Zionists are panicking, circling the wagons and trotting out lie after lie. It is no longer possible to hide and rationalize their monstrous crimes against the indigenous Christian and Muslim Palestinian Arabs, which include mass murder, brutal occupation, dispossession, collective punishments, ethnic cleansing and in general, escalating violations of hard won international humanitarian law.

As is screamingly obvious, the entity known as “Israel” is descending ever faster into the pit of fascism. People around the world, including Americans, especially youth, are waking up and finally comprehending the hideous truth. It’s only going to get worse for the Zionists, much worse.