Vancouver city council shoots down preposterous motion pt 1

The preposterous notion cobbled together by the increasingly desperate Canadian Zionist thought police attempted to persuade Vancouver  city council that the nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement was somehow anti-Semitic.It failed.The Vancouver City council rejected this bankrupt canard.

A boycott helped bring South African apartheid down, a boycott of Montgomery  buses in 1954 by Martin Luther King ‘s civil rights movement helped end Jim Crow in the american south. Nobody claimed in those 2 instances that they were hatefull attacks on white Afrikaners or Montgomery whites. The targets were and are  an evil system.In the case of of apartheid Israel the target is not Jews per se but  a nation that flouts international law and condemns its indigenous people to second class citizenship. To call this anti-Semitism  ignores real anti-Semitism.

This disgusting ploy of attacking citizens of conscience  who choose a nonviolent tactic targetted at a state doing unconscionable and persistent harm on Palestinian people is beyond contempt and hardly worthy of serious reflection…but that is how desperate these narrow minded  tribalists have become.

 Independent Jewish Voices wrote

An organized campaign of reaching out directly to Councillors, as well as public letter writing to the Mayor and Council, was crucial. This campaign convinced the majority of Councillors that the IHRA definition of antisemitism was problematic and opposed by many across the city, including many Jewish residents of Vancouver. Opponents of the motion emphasized that this definition of antisemitism would not in any way help the city fight this prejudice. Instead, it would encourage officials to label all criticism of the state of Israel as antisemitism, silencing support for Palestinian rights and freedoms. 

The criticism of the IHRA definition by the B.C. Civil Liberties Association was also important in highlighting the threats to free speech and legitimate criticism of Israel, as was a letter by the Vancouver & District Labour Council, which asked City Council to amend the motion to exclude mention of the definition. In addition, the Councillors ultimately supported the argument that fighting racism in a multicultural city by singling out the fight against antisemitism alone was not the best approach. 

 Crying anti-Semitism is ludicrous as Dutch holocaust survivor Hajo Meyer wittily opined years ago