Jake Tapper lets his tribalism slip

Somehow CNN’s Jake Tapper has been unable to shed his  tribal background  as evidenced in his stunning coverage  of the El Paso shooting on the weekend. Tapper schooled in a private Jewish academy in Merion, Pennsylvania showing his tribal colours said that leaders can set the wrong tone, and brought in Palestinian leaders and what he contended was their responsibility for violence against Israelis.

And what’s interesting about this theory is that, you know, you hear conservatives all the time rightly so in my opinion talk about the tone set by people in the Arab world. Palestinian leaders talking about — and the way they talk about Israelis, justifying . . . no direct link necessarily between what the leader says and the violence against some poor Israeli girl in a pizzeria. But the idea that you’re validating this hatred. And yet people don’t — and you can’t compare the ideology of Hamas with anything else — but at the same time, either tone matters or doesn’t.

As James North and Phil Weiss comment in Mondoweiss:

Tapper is getting hammered on Twitter for bringing Palestinians into a discussion of white supremacist violence. 

Tony Karon:

The ideological axe-grinding, the ignorance and moral and intellectual dishonesty of @jaketapper should make you wonder what it is you’re seeing when you’re watching @CNN – journalism it ain’t

Linda Sarsour:

Somehow Jake Tapper still finds a way to bring the Arab world and Palestinians into a conversation about WHITE SUPREMACISTS murdering innocent people. Disgusting. But hey, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Sana Saeed:

This is the height of unethical journalism @jaketapper — you invoke Palestinians & Arabs as a comparison to white nationalist violence in the US?

This is blatant anti-Arab bigotry & Islamophobia. @CNN needs to take action.

Max Blumenthal:

[Tapper] wins the false equivalency cup, conflating Palestinian violence against the apartheid state that besieges, occupies and slaughters them en masse with sadistic killing sprees by white Western fascists against defenseless immigrants. The definition of hasbara.

Eli Valley:

Aside from everything else, the apt comparison would be to Trump’s ideological compatriots in the Israeli government who spew racist, dehumanizing, anti-Arab invective that reverberates throughout a society upheld by state-sanctioned violence.

Chuck Modi brings up the body counts from the onslaught on Gaza five years ago:

Palestinians-Israelis Killed in 2014
1462-6 Dead CIVILIANS
495-1 Dead CHILDREN

That’s just 1 year of stats Jake Tapper will NEVER inform you about.

Adam Johnson does similar math:

Awesome he’s using the Sabbaro bombing from 19 years ago as evidence of Evil Palestinian Rhetoric. Have to skip over a half dozen 500-to-1 body counts in Israel’s favor to get that underdog occupier narrative

(Johnson refers to a 2001 suicide attack in Jerusalem that killed 15.)

Notable among the critics is Tapper’s recent guest, Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, a Palestinian-American. Her tweet contains an image of a Palestinian child being arrested by several armed uniformed men.

Comparing Palestinian human rights advocates to terrorist white nationalists is fundamentally a lie. Palestinians want equality, human dignity & to stop the imprisonment of children ⬇️.

Adam Horowitz, our editor, writes:

“These comments are a sad reminder to me of the cultural signifiers that ‘Palestinians’ play in US popular/media culture. It’s also a useful reminder as to who creates and deploys those signifiers.”

.As is often the case in journalism :letters to the editor” are more often to the poinnt. Here a blogger named Brent gave some wxcllent background

brent on August 5, 2019,

Like so many others, Tapper fails to appreciate that Jewish supremacy is being advanced in Jerusalem and the Holy Land and the primary victim is the indigenous people who are having apartheid  forced upon them.

The “Israelis are the real victim narrative” is a widespread phenomenon. The persistence of this narrative is used to dominate the political landscape in America and to overlook or justify the aggressions and continued usurpation of Palestinian property, culture and land.

Talkback added

It’s fascinating when someone claims that resistance against supremacy leads to supremacist violence and turns a belligerent expansionist occupier into a victim. But that wouldn’t be the first time that an Israel supporter’s brain is so twisted that he puts reality on his head.

Kay 24 posted this zinger

heard Tapper’s remark, and it was obvious he was not going to follow it up by acknowledging that Israel’s occupation and land grabs, gives the Palestinians good reasons to protest, and show anger. They also did not dare admit that it is Israel that acts on it’s threats, and kills thousands of innocent civilians.
So many other examples to pick from, yet they cannot resist seizing the opportunity to paint the victims as the aggressors. Scumbags.