Missive from a parallel universe

“We cannot function as Jews by trying to live a vicarious Israeli experience on American soil.”Rabbi Eugene Borowitz

“Israel is on the side of God”. david Friedman

US ambassador to Israel David Friedman May 14, 2

“For many American Jews—-and I suspect for most American Jews—-Israel has become the content of their  Jewish religious identification.  It has very little other content. “ 

Rabbi Henry Siegman, former head of the American Jewish Congress 

On November 20 Canada voted to support the UN resolution calling for the right of the palestinian to have a state 163 countries at the UN General Assembly voted yea.while five countries — the U.S., Israel, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Nauru — voted against and nine others abstained.

Wow those major world players Micronesia the Marshall Islands and Nauru supported Israel along with that formidable enabler of Occupation, the USA.

The rest of the world beyond the blinkered vision of  the American and Israeli governments get it. You simply can not hide it anymore.

On all international polls Israel has become a pariah nation. Young Jews are in revolt recognizing that they have been lied to by major Jewish groups whose Zionism and Israel-centric worldviews has departed from its Judaic universal and prophetic tradition.

In 1885 Reform rabbis meeting in Pittsburgh adopted a set of principles which came to be known as the Pittsburgh Platform. The Reform program rejected Jewish nationalism. Its fifth paragraph declared explicitly: “We consider ourselves no longer a nation, but a religious community.” The platform emphasized that Reform Judaism denied Jewish peoplehood and nationalism of any variety.

Today’s   young Jews of conscience  have woken to the wasted energy and false  priorities of defending a state on the other side of the ocean as somewhat central to their religion. Palestine for these  people is not the homeland of the Jews. it is an ethnocratic  foreign state doing terrible things to the original inhabitants. Their true home is Torah and  the pursuit of justice.

 In 1929 Rabbi Aaron Samuel Tamarat. wrote 

Judaism at root is not some religious concentration which can be localized or situated in a single territory … Neither is Judaism a matter of ‘nationality’ in the sense of modern nationalism, fit to be woven into the famous three-fold mesh of ‘homeland, army, and heroic songs.’ No Judaism is Torah, ethics, and exaltation of spirit. If Judaism is truly Torah, then it cannot be reduced to the confines of any particular territory. For as Scripture said of Torah: ‘Its measure is greater than the heart …’ (Job 11:9).”  

This truth is being rediscovered once again. Zionism is being recognized as a false creed, a momentary historical diversion from universal Judaism.The state of Israel is not central to Judaism. God is, ethical monotheism is, prophetic universal morality tzedek, tzeek tirdof is   justice, justice you shall pursue, Do not waste your time defending an apartheid state.This is idolatry.

David Elazar coined the term Israelotry to describe his contention hat American Jews turned to worshiping Israel rather than the God of Israel. 

Now in high dudgeon cometh this bizarre release from CIJA The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs 

Last week, Canada reversed 15 years of principled Canadian opposition to the annual ritual of Israel-bashing at the United Nations. 

After more than a decade of opposition to the demonization and delegitimization of Israel at the UN, and the repeated commitments made to our community – this was a betrayal.

Over the weekend, Canada’s Ambassador to the UN was boasting about this vote reversal on Twitter saying: “Canada rediscovers its voice at the UN.”

Canada rediscovers its voice? 

For the first time in years, Canada chose to side with dictatorships like North Korea rather than opposing the annual barrage of hate against Israel, Canada’s democratic ally. 

Mr. Blanchard found his voice. Now find yours. Take Action!

Tell the Prime Minister that you are incensed by this betrayal of Canada’s Jewish community.

Sad beyond words. A missive from a parallel universe.