The blood brothers Netanyahu and Gantz

While Israel is never to be compared to Nazi Germany it too is in the grip of a brainwahed immobility to acknowlwdge its deep racism.While Israel is never to be compared to Nazi Germany it too is in the grip of a brainwashed immobility to acknowledge its deep racism.

The following is an example of  just one brave Israeli, Hagai El-Ad a truly extraordinary prophetic voice as the director-general of B’Tselem Israel’s Human Rights  Organization. In 2018 B’Tselem was awarded the Human Rights Prize of the French Republic and Netanyahu didn’t call. As Gideon Levy reported: “And this is how the news was received in Israel: “This isn’t a prize, it’s a mark of shame. B’Tselem is an organization whose work should be stopped Culture Minister Miri Regev.” Others said worse. The fate of the prophet ignored in his home town.

Gaza immortalizes what Gantz and Netanyahu have in common

It was no coincidence that the prime minister reminded his so-called rival of their actions in Operation Protective Edge in 2014, when one was PM and the other IDF chief; the two are bound together by the blood of Palestinian children

Hagai El-Ad

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t always make sure to speak truthfully, to put it gently. However, on those occasions that he does, it’s worth paying attention. 

On the morning of November 11, knowing that the security cabinet had approved the forthcoming assault on Gaza (Netanyahu says the assault was approved a week and a half earlier), and, clearly, with a good idea of what would follow, he publicly addressed his so-called rival, leader of the Blue and White party, Benny Gantz.

“Benny, you were chief of staff during Operation Protective Edge,” he said. “We ran that operation together. We sent soldiers to battle. 

“Do you remember what Ahmad Tibi did during this operation? Ahmad Tibi stood on the Knesset podium and read out the names of the terrorists that were taken out in Gaza. He said the IDF was committing war crimes. 

“The Ra’am-Ta’al faction which is part of the Joint List demanded an investigation of me and Chief of Staff Gantz during the operation. They said, in a letter to the attorney general, that an investigation should be launched ‘into war crimes and crimes against humanity during Operation Protective Edge.’ 

“A campaign ad for the Joint List said: ‘Gantz, the blood of Gaza’s children is on your hands.’ And I’m asking you Benny Gantz, are these the people you want to form a government with? A government that depends on Ahmad Tibi and Ayman Odeh? It’s a slap in the face of IDF soldiers, the soldiers you and I sent to battle. It’s just unbelievable.”

The following day, after the assault on Gaza, Gantz replied to Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz during the 2014 Gaza war (Photo: GPO)

 “The war on terror is a sustained effort, and there are moments that require tough decisions,” he said. 

“Tonight, the government and the IDF made the right decision for the safety of Israel’s citizens and those living in the south. Blue and White will back any move that is right for Israel’s security and will put the safety of Israelis above politics. Every terrorist threatening our security should know his life is on the line.”

This quick closing of the ranks is worth noticing and decoding.

Would-be rivals Netanyahu and Gantz did, in fact, run the Israeli assault on Gaza in the summer of 2014 together. In the fall of 2019, they may join forces to lead the country politically. 

Political pundits estimate that the escalation in Gaza paves the way to “unity” and takes the possibility of a minority government with support from the Joint List off the table.

So here is what Gantz agreed with in the prime minster’s public words, now translated into plain English: 

“Are these people, who want to stop us from doing this very thing, the ones you want to form a government with? We did manage to cover it all up, like we always do. We announced a few investigations. 

“The ICC is moving ever so slowly. If we really have to, we’ll prosecute a pawn or two. After all, nobody messes with us, so why should we stop? Come on now, we’re both better off moving ahead together.”

No Israeli politician would be eager to bring up the blood of Gaza’s children, but here we are, in one of the most dramatic moments in Israeli politics, and Netanyahu does just that. 

These children, whose names B’Tselem was prohibited even from broadcasting (for full payment) on the radio, once again rise from the pit of repression. These children, whose names MK Tibi read from the Knesset podium (Netanyahu said it was the names of terrorists), are the Gordian knot that binds Netanyahu and Gantz.

Nothing is more unifying in Israeli politics than sharing in the killing of Arabs. Political rivals? Two who have walked together – two who know full well what they’ve done together, and what they may yet to do.

Hagai El-Ad is the executive director of B’Tselem