If Palestinians were black

On October 15,2000 The UK Observer printed an article by writer Knut Rognes which made the salient point: If Palestinians were black, Israel would now be a pariah state subject to  economic sanctions led by the United States. Its development and settlement  of the West Bank would be seen as a system of apartheid, in which the 
indigenous population was allowed to live in a tiny fraction of its own  country, in self-administered ‘bantustans’, with ‘whites’ monopolising the supply of water and electricity.
Is Pariah.jpg

This is undoubtedly true and the Biden administration and in particular Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who both have genuflected to the Zionist idol would be raising hell. Loudly proclaiming as they have that “America is back” and the rule of law and universal rights is sacred their blindness to Palestinian rights is palpable and shameful.
Amira Hass the brave Israeli reporter calls out the EU for its timidity below

The sloth  of the European Union has once again been  revealed in all tits shame,. The EU is good at giving the Palestinians charity and preaching the rule of law. It fails politically when it comes to stopping Israel’s plan to concentrate the Palestinians into reservations in the West Bank and clear most of the land for Jews.


Where will the EU be when the supporters of Kahanist Itamar Ben-Gvir and the erudite proponent of transfer Bezalel Smotrich get even stronger-as seems likely given the anti-Arab attitudes of Haredi and so-called religious Zionist teens in Israel? What will it do when they carry out their threats to expel Palestinians “disloyal to Israel?” Will it send it in organizations to hand out tents and teach the Palestinians about hygiene and desert conditions?

On Monday for the first time this year and the sixth since November, iIsraeli civil administration and Army forces razed and seized structures in Khirbet Humsa, in the northern Jordan Valley. Their plunder this time:17 tents, five of which served as an animal pens, four water tanks and a few tents that hadn’t yet been pitched. Israel wants the entire community to move to the west, to a reservation allocated to it-ostensibly so the army can train in the area, but as experience of over 73 years teaches, it’s to make more room for Jews in this case the settlement of Ro’l and Bekaot on either side of Humsa. Many of the structures that were destroyed/confiscated were donated by European states, representatives have even visited the site three times.

The Office of the EU Representative in Jerusalem has already said that this is a forcible transfer that violates international law, like ones carried out and planned for the future in the southern West Bank. Like those executed daily by the privatized arms of the military and the Civil Administration – those proliferating outposts resembling ranches of armed and violent cowboys, behind which stands the Amana dispossession movement. Amana’s eternal director, Ze’ev Hever, confirmed Sunday what has long been clear to every Ta’ayush and Machsom Watch activist: In terms of stealing land from Palestinians and promoting expulsions, these ranches are more effective than construction in the settlements.

Israel’s reservations plan is known and is contrary to Europe’s official policy, and over the past decade it has been expedited openly and shamelessly. The European failure to stop it has nothing to do with the coronavirus crisis, some internal weakness or disagreements between Hungary and France. It testifies to the fundamental apathy of Europe, whose 19th-century colonialism is alive and kicking in the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. After all, the Palestinians’ international position, unlike Israel’s, is very weak; they have no superpower or great economic force with teeth standing behind them.

The Israeli Jews of north Tel Aviv, for example, or of Dimona or Mishmar Ha’emek, don’t care that every day their army, their friends and relatives and they themselves are carrying out some small transfer, guaranteeing with their cannons that the Gaza reservation remains isolated and cut off. How do we know? Look at the news shows, see which posts are popular on social media and note how few Israelis support the Palestinians against their predators. But that’s precisely why we have international law, human rights conventions, historical research and European apologies for the crimes of the past – in order to prevent new catastrophes, the products of human action, politics and economic interests.

Only painful political and economic sanctions imposed by Europe will teach the Israeli Jewish public that it cannot have the best of both worlds: to receive unconditional support as “the eternal collective victim and survivor” of the expulsion and genocide project carried out in Europe in the 1930s and ‘40s, while also engineering an expulsion and dispossession project that seems to have no end.

Haaretz reader John C. Walsh adds his own postscript

War crimes, crimes against humanity, distain for international law, apartheid. We’ve been abusing the Palestinians on a daily basis for years. In the West Bank, we’re stealing their lands from them. Humaneness? What does that have to do with us?

If only Palestinians were black…sigh.