Christchurch flushed many people out



The first was Tory leader Andrew Scheer whose tone deaf tweet showed his true colours.

Andrew Scheer


Freedom has come under attack in New Zealand as peaceful worshippers are targeted in a despicable act of evil. All people must be able to practice their faith freely and without fear. 


When  many condemned him for not naming Islamaphobia and Muslims he quickly (15 hours later) sung a new tune.

Andrew Coyne wrote

We cannot know exactly what explains that initial, catastrophic choice of words. But neither is Scheer automatically entitled to the benefit of the doubt. Politicians are in the business of being politic, of saying the right thing at the right time, and nothing goes out over their name without a great deal of thought, not to say calculation.

Other party leaders managed to name the victims — Muslims — and the beliefs — white supremacism, Islamophobia, the familiar, toxic mix of racism, xenophobia and hatred that so often finds Muslims as its target — involved in what was self-evidently an act of terrorism. Why on earth couldn’t Scheer?

Exactly Scheer was playing to his right wing base which includes  a lot of red necked Islamaphobes


Also Hamish Marshall, Scheer’s campaign manager worked on his leadership campaign from  the office of Ezra Levant’s Rebel media

Next on the list and a real islamaphobe  comedian Bill Maher. A long time critic of any religion, he particularly  condemns Islam regularly, here too no mention of Islamaphobia.

Liberals like Maher  are not exempt from Islamaphobia. We see that in historical liberal attitudes to colonialism and empire. Many very progressive people went along  with settler colonial movements. Lester Pearson for example is a classic example, absolutely insensitive to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and  totally oblivious to the Wilsonian  right of a nation or people to determine its own form of government without influence from outside. Always hidden is an unrecognized superiority and exceptionalism,


All of this was unpacked by Edward Said in his book Orientalism. The Jewish takeover of Palestine was always  justified by the benefits that would accrue to backward Palestinians The Palestinians who were dispossessed were nearly invisible to the largely eastern European  invaders  of an almost entirely Arabic territory

Regarding Palestine, Maher is genuinely stupid and grossly uninformed. Last week  on his HBO  show he stated  that Palestinians are responsible for their own plight. Rock singer John Legend stood up to him  and said “As progressives, we should also speak up for human rights for Palestinians, and for too long, I think, it has been out of balance for progressives to speak up for the rights of Palestinians,”

Maher whose mother is Jewish is a classic PEP—Progressive except for Palestine— and regressive on Islam and Islamaphobia.

This now leads us to Jewish liberals. Most Jews are anti-Islamaphobic. It is obvious why they would be. It’s in their DNA to resist any scapegoating, having been on the other end of that sin.

In Sunday’s Star two writers representing Jewish organizations expressed their heartfelt solidarity with Christchurch victims. . One saidThe jewish community stands together with our Muslim brothers and sisters today.” No doubt that they do but my question would be do they stand in solidarity with their Palestinian ,largely Muslim victims of Israel apartheid? Very few Jewish organizations do.

Australian Islamaphobia

Jason Wilson the Guardian Australian columnist ripped the blinders oIn the period of the country’s enthusiastic participation in the War on Terror, Islam and Muslims have frequently been treated as public enemies, and hate speech against them has inexorably been normalized.

Australian racism did not of course begin in 2001. The country was settled by means of a genocidal frontier war, and commenced its independent existence with the exclusion of non-white migrants. White nationalism was practically Australia’s founding doctrine.


But a succession of events in the first year of the millennium led to Islamophobia being practically enshrined as public policy.

First, the so-called Tampa Affair saw a conservative government refuse to admit refugees who had been rescued at sea. It was a naked bid to win an election by whipping up xenophobia and border panic. It worked.

In the years since, despite its obvious brutality, and despite repeated condemnations from international bodies, the mandatory offshore detention of boat-borne refugees in third countries has become bipartisan policy. (The centre-left Labor party sacrificed principle in order to neutralize an issue that they thought was costing them elections.)


The majority of the refugees thus imprisoned have been Muslim. It has often been suggested by politicians that detaining them is a matter of safety – some of them might be terrorists.

Second, the 9/11 attacks drew Australia into the War on Terror in support of its closest ally, and geopolitical sponsor, the United States.

Australian troops spent long periods in Afghanistan and Iraq, fighting and killing Muslims in their own countries. The consequences of this endless war have included the targeting of Australians in Jihadi terror attacks and plots, both at home and abroad.

Events as we know are not as always what they seem. This is why teachers teach critical thinking.

Jewish Voice for Peace connects the dots


This week was devastating. In Kentucky, two Black people – Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones – were killed by a white supremacist who first tried to enter a Black church. And in Pennsylvania, 11 Jewish people were killed in a synagogue by a man who believed Jews were behind a caravan of refugees and asylum seekers. The loss of elders in both cases is unbearable.

But now is not the time to surrender to despair.

Now is the time to grieve, to mourn, to heal. Now is the time to find strength in solidarity, between neighbors and across communities.

This week reminds us in the most painful way: We cannot fight antisemitism without fighting racism, without fighting anti-refugee vitriol, without fighting anti-Black acts of hate.

In the Torah portion that Jewish people all over the world read this last weekend, Abraham – a prophet in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – displays deep hospitality, inviting strangers in and feeding them.

With that lesson in mind, we say: President Trump, we reject your implication that guns and increased policing would have saved lives, we reject your fear-mongering against those who seek safety, and we reject all the ways you and your supporters would create a U.S. that vilifies immigrants and refugees.

We say loud and clear: Our Judaism values protecting the strangers among us. Our safety is bound up in the safety of those around us.

We reject the calls for more armed security, just as we reject the manipulative pro-gun propaganda. Greater safety comes when those in power stop stoking the flames of hatred and emboldening white supremacy.

We are not fooled by the Israeli government’s sudden concern for a diaspora it regularly disdains, we remember and condemn its abuse of Palestinians, refugees and asylum-seekers, and we refute its false promise of safety through militarism. Our home is where our community is.

Now we push through our grief, and say: Never again, for anyone.

We remember and honor the 11 lives taken from us by a white supremacist wielding an automatic rifle in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh. We remember and honor the many wounded in the attack, including first responders and police officers. We send our love, our sympathy, our solidarity and our hope to the community of Squirrel Hill and to everyone in mourning.

In memoriam:
Joyce Fienberg, 75
Richard Gottfried, 65
Rose Mallinger, 97
Jerry Rabinowitz, 66
Brothers Cecil Rosenthal, 59 and David Rosenthal, 54
Husband and wife Sylvan Simon, 86 and Bernice Simon, 84
Daniel Stein, 71
Melvin Wax, 88
Irving Younger, 69

May their memories be a blessing.

Women say no to Kavanaugh


More than 300 protesters, mostly women, were arrested on Thursday during a massive sit-in on Capitol Hill against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by multiple women. The Senate is planning to hold a key procedural vote on his confirmation this morning at 10:30 a.m. Eastern. This comes just one day after senators were given their first chance to see the FBI’s new investigation into Kavanaugh. Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon blasted the FBI probe as a horrific cover-up Thursday. A final vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation is expected on Saturday.


Opposition to Kavanaugh is growing across the across the country. Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, a lifelong Republican, said Kavanaugh does not belong on the high court, following his partisan remarks during last week’s hearing. The editorial boards of The Washington Post and The New York Times also came out against Kavanaugh. This marks the first time The Washington Post has opposed a Supreme Court nominee in over 30 years; the last was Robert Bork in 1987.

Eve Ensler the author of the Vagina Monologues was interviewed by Amy Goodman today Friday. . Ensler wrote an open letter to  the 45 % white women who say they support Kavanaugh. The letter is at the bottom.


Hispanic supporters of Kavanaugh run at 30%

African American women run at 11 %.

To me  this is significant. What do black women know that others don’t? What is their life experience in America telling them? What do they know deep in their bones?

answer just look at the white Republican senators; that’s all you need to know

As a Christian I would say also: go to the margins and that’s where you will find Jesus.

The Gospels remind us that Jesus was engaged in edge-ucation. Matthew 25.

I trust the 11% not the Ivy League, privileged frat boy salivating at his coronation.he took to an oped in the Wall St Journal to apologize for the politicization that should as ex Justice Stevens suggested, deny him a place on the Court.


Whether Kavanaugh   gets  his seat he will  never be trusted by women. America controlled by the dark money of rich white men may be in for a moment of truth.



Netanyahu fesses up

Gideon Levy at his best. The Israeli prophet ridicules the great leader..How long can the civilized world buy this second-rate leader’s lies?

What Netanyahu’s First Truthful UN Speech Would Sound Like

Each year I stand before the UN Assembly as Israel’s prime minister and try to distract and mislead you; now I will tell the truth about Iran, the Palestinians and Israeli democracy


In light of the disinterested foreign responses to my speech to the General Assembly Thursday, I took the unusual step of asking the United Nations Secretariat for leave to speak again. I promised to deliver, for the first time in my life, a speech containing only the truth. I thank the secretariat for granting my request.

Distinguished delegates, each year I stand here as the prime minister of Israel and try to distract and mislead you, the world and the citizens of my country. All my speeches always focused on one topic: Iran, Iran and Iran.

I’ve brought visual aids, I’ve pulled out gimmicks, I’ve revealed real and imaginary intelligence, all to distract you. Many of you, first and foremost the United States, have fallen into the trap I set for you, and Iran has become the enemy of humanity. Today I want to tell you the truth: Iran is far less dangerous than I made it out to be. Israel has the strength to defend itself from it; the nuclear agreement was good and better than all the alternatives. Forget about the ridiculous pictures I showed you. There really is a rug-cleaning operation on Maher Alley in Tehran, as I told you, but you of course know that in Israel there are much more dangerous facilities than the one near the rug-cleaning factory, that no one talks about.


I stand here every year intending to scare the citizens of Israel too. True, the Israeli army warns of more immediate and threatening dangers than Iran, but Israel created those, with my policies and those of my predecessors, and I have no intention of committing political suicide to resolve them. And so I distract you from them.

The Gaza Strip, distinguished delegates, is about to blow up. The human experiment Israel has been conducting for years has reached its most critical phase. Two million people have lost their reason for living and they are crying out from behind the fence in which we have imprisoned them. No one listens to them, unless they launch their hollow weapons at Israel. Soon they’ll do it again.

Responsibility for the next war in Gaza, distinguished delegates, will lie entirely with Israel. It is the jailer, the tormenter and the driver to despair. I promised that this time I would not lie. I could open Gaza to the world, we could allow its inhabitants a life of freedom and prosperity, but we chose to imprison them. That’s convenient for us and you don’t care

This is what we do in the West Bank, too. Never, dear delegates, did I intend to bring about an end to the occupation, nor do I intend to do so now. Understand this. Everything I do is to perpetuate the status quo and make the Palestinians so miserable that at least some of them will leave. You permit me to do this and I thank you. Israel is the state of the Jews, of the Jews alone. And we will continue to enshrine this in laws.


In my previous address, I boasted of drip irrigation and equality between Jews and Arabs. As usual, I concealed from you that there are 4 million people living under our rule who have no rights — and you continue to buy Israel’s democratic fraud. I also lied when I boasted that my country is not racist. I didn’t tell you about the Eritreans and I boasted about the Ethiopians. Why don’t you ask the Ethiopians if they live in a racist country? That way, you’ll know the truth

I concealed from you how we stir the pot in Syria. I didn’t tell you that the United States is in our pocket, and so we scorn Europe, but we quake in our boots from Vladimir Putin. I didn’t tell you that you’re allowed to be anti-Semitic, as long as you support the occupation. Try us.


On Friday, distinguished delegates, the Israeli army killed seven protesters in Gaza, including two children, and wounded about 500 more. Show me another country that does such a thing and its citizens continue to live as usual, to travel abroad and to fill the restaurants, who are in 11th place on the global happiness index and who in their chutzpah even believe they are a light unto the nations. Show me another society that is so callous and arrogant.

That is the truth, distinguished delegates. Just once, I wanted to tell it to you.

Kavanaugh: a Corporation Masquerading as a Judge

Ralph Nader


Observers say that confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to become President Trump’s second pick for a lifetime job on the Supreme Court will make the Court more conservative. It is more accurate to say Kavanaugh will make the Court more corporatist.

With Kavanaugh, it is all about siding with corporations over workers, consumers, patients, motorists, the poor, minority voters, and beleaguered communities.

Repeatedly Kavanaugh’s judicial opinions put corporate interests ahead of the common good—backing the powerful against the weak, the vulnerable, and the defenseless.

Apart from his declared views pouring power and immunity into the Presidency (which is why Trump wants him), Kavanaugh could be the most corporate judge in modern American history. Two meticulous reports on his judicial decisions, one by the Alliance for Justice (AFJ) and one by Public Citizen demonstrate that for him it’s all about corporations uber alles.

Here is AFJ’s summary:

Kavanaugh has repeatedly ruled against efforts to combat climate change and the regulation of greenhouse gases. He also repeatedly ruled against protections for clean air. He has repeatedly sided with the wealthy and the powerful over all Americans. He has fought consumer protections in the areas of automobile safety, financial services, and a free and open internet. Kavanaugh has also repeatedly ruled against workers, workplace protections and safety regulations.

Do you want him to be on the Supreme Court?

Kavanaugh is a corporate supremacist to a fanatic level of protecting corporate cruelty and greed. Giving him an unaccountable lifetime position on the Court will weaken our democracy and empower the corporate state.

What will he do when cases involve robots harming workers or consumers; corporate algorithms corkscrewing consumers; corporations turning the governments against their citizens; and corporate criminals being bailed out by taxpayers?

Fortunately, Kavanaugh gives us more than a clue from his many judicial decisions and dissents, especially with healthcare cases coming before the Court. Public Citizen’s factually-based report on Judge Kavanaugh’s opinions in split-decision cases provides insight into his judicial philosophy.

He ruled 15 times against worker rights, 2 times for worker rights. On environmental protection, he ruled 11 times for business interests and 2 times for the public’s interest. On consumer and regulatory cases, he ruled 18 times for businesses and 4 times for consumer protection interests. In the area of antitrust or anti-monopoly, he ruled 2 times for the corporations and zero times for market competition.

He seems to love government power when it is arrayed against the people, ruling 7 times for police or human rights abuses versus zero rulings for the victims. But he rules against government agencies when they are protecting the interests of the people over those of corporations.

Even more extreme, he does not like human beings to sue corporations or sue the government. But if you are a corporation, the courthouse doors are always open.

Kavanaugh rules like he is a corporation masquerading as a human. But in his introductory statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, he wanted us to see him a regular guy, weirdly remembering the row and seat number at two professional sports games his father took him to as a child and listing all the names of his sixth grade daughter’s basketball team.


Watch out for a cruel man with a folksy smile. 

Given the lives, injuries, and sickness at stake; given the dictatorially approved taxpayer-funded corporate welfare and bloated corporate contracts with governments draining the peoples’ necessities, given Kavanaugh’s mindless support for corporate dollars corruptly buying elections, maybe the motto against this awful nomination should be “Kavana-ugh!”

Professional Catholic Brett Kavanaugh

My late father had an expression which in retrospect turned out to be at least interesting if not downright prophetic. He had a lifelong antipathy to “flacks, frauds and phonies.” Add “professional Catholics”, guys who were always front and centre as proud RCs  He famously nailed one in our parish in the 50s, caught the guy stealing at the annual Fall Fair. 30 years later, the same guy well known as a “professional Catholic” got caught stealing big dough from the chancery to fund his gambling addiction.




I thought about “professional Catholics” when i saw Donald J Trump wheel out Brett Kavanaugh as his supreme court nominee, My internal flags went up when the humble Judge Kavanaugh talked about his coaching his daughters basketball at Blessed Sacrament school. “Oh, oh another professional Catholic, “I thought. Only RCs had Blessed Sacrament churches. Look out for this guy. Simply being nominated by Trump one knew there was a huge back story to uncover.

Well the the newspapers, the good ones like the  Washington Post started digging around.Paul Schwartzman and Michelle Boorstein in the Washington Post described the Judge  in the following terms:

Kavanaugh is that rare high-profile appointee who is pure Washington, a product of its most prestigious addresses: the all-boys Georgetown Preparatory School, where he was taught by Jesuits before attending Yale; the White House, where he was deputy counsel to President George W. Bush; and the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Roman Catholic parish just off Chevy Chase Circle, where he and his family attend services.

Georgetown Prep–tuition $37,000 a year.

Then I read in the NYT about Kavanaugh’s parents—more bells went off. His father whose work ethic he praised-was a shill for the cosmetics industry. a lobbyist on Capitol Hill whose final payout was $13 million. His mom a judge, His wife private secretary to George W Bush, the worst president of the 20th century.



Kavanaugh was a pure Republican like the other 4 RCs on the Supreme Court. Obviously a decent guy according to locals, (loves Springsteen and baseball, is a lector at mass)  but what kind of a Catholic can you be in turbocapitalist America? I saw him and his wife dishing out hash at the local parish. Most of these types are long on charity but very poor on justice. They are not evil just part of what Dorothy Day called “the dirty rotten  system” one that has rewarded them and Trump  very well.You simply will never find people like the Kavanaughs in the forefront of justice coalitions— marching, vigilling, protesting against any social evil as they build their resumés. It’s like Cheney said about why he had 5 deferments in the Vietnam years–I had better things to do. Let poor whites, blacks and chicanos go and kill the yellow man as Springsteen wrote in Born in the USA.

It’s just the air that you breathe in corporate America and as far as the gospel which privileges the poor and the marginalized, it is bad air, air that chokes the life out of Jesus call to the kingdom. You simply can not serve 2 masters. Kavanaugh chose corporate America,

Since  as a Canadian with no hand in the fire but interested in American politics I simply waited for  the great US “masters of suspicion” who would get behind the cheery Kavanaugh facade. 

Where would one go to find The judge’s  judicial record? Who does he privilege? Who does he ignore? What’s his track record.?T he other 4 RCs on the court gave the USA the stunning Citizens United decision based on Alice in Wonderland logic: Corporate spending is speech; restricting speech is censorship; therefore, restricting corporate spending to influence elections is censorship and is banned by the First Amendment. This catastrophic decision  was stunningly obtuse about the role of money in US politics. Read Dark Money  and Plutocrats United if this interests you.


MMM I wondered,  who might have a handle on Kavanaugh. Ralph Nader, that’s who—the ultimate incorruptible public servant.Here’s his opening paragraph on the humble judge.

Observers say that confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to become President Trump’s second pick for a lifetime job on the Supreme Court will make the Court more conservative. It is more accurate to say Kavanaugh will make the Court more corporatist.

With Kavanaugh, it is all about siding with corporations over workers, consumers, patients, motorists, the poor, minority voters, and beleaguered communities.

Repeatedly Kavanaugh’s judicial opinions put corporate interests ahead of the common good—backing the powerful against the weak, the vulnerable, and the defenseless.

More next time




Allan C Brownfeld  of the American Council for Judaism  writes from Alexandria, Virginia

In the discussion of Israel’s new “nation-state” law, an important point to be made is that, despite its claim to be the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel is not, in fact, the nation-state of American Jews.

Claiming Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people rather than a state of all its citizens can—more than 20 percent of whom are not Jewish—has a number of problems.  And the Israeli government repeatedly calls itself the “homeland”of all Jews, the majority of whom are citizens of other countries.

The homeland of American Jews is the United States, and whatever the Knesset passes into law is completely irrelevant to Jews in other countries . While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government may believe that Jews are a nation and that those Jews living outside of Israel are in exile, this view is not shared by the overwhelming majority of American Jews.

The reality is that the Eastern Euroopeans who founded and settled Israel had no understanding of the American experience,where religious freedom for all is written into,law in the First Amendment.  Israel, for its part, has no such idea of religiousfreedom or separation of religion and state.  Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist rabbis are forbidden by Israeli 

law to perform weddings, preside over funerals and conduct conversions. A Jew and non-Jew who wish to marry mustleave the country to do so.  Indeed, this leads to the question of whether Jews support religious freedom only when theyare in a minority and it serves their interests to do so.

American Jews are American by nationality and Jews by religion, just as other Americans are Protestant, Catholic orMuslim.

Israel would do well to confine itself to speaking in the name of its own citizens, as other countries manage to do. Itsdream may be to be the nation-state of all Jews, but this has no relationship to reality.



John McCain Obit Omit


De mortuis, nisi bonum  is the well known phrase of antiquity which contains a modicum of sensitivity…about the dead, speak nothing but good.There are few people who did not do some good in this life and John McCain showed a lot of class in breaking with the troglodytes in the Republican Party. One of the reasons I like this saying  is the fact that the dead can not reply. However let us look at the recent death of American senator John McCain as our test case.

It was stunning to watch the hagiography  advance in channel after channel even  Rosemary Barton on the  CBC in breathless admiration fell in line saluting the great senator. I found it quite embarrassing. Context is everything and McCain  was only heroic  in the time of Trump, the worst excuse for a president in living memory.

Norman Solomon on Democracy Now (which you can watch daily or locally on radio at  89.5 at 10 AM set a nice tone to discuss McCain

It’s really natural to have a lot of empathy for someone who suffered through brain cancer, admiration for people who withstood great hardships with pride and determination. However, what we’ve seen is really what could be called the phenomenon of obit omit—obituaries that are flagrantly in conflict with the real historical record. And when you stop and think about it, you know, journalism is supposed to be the first draft of history. And when history is falsified in the way that we’re getting in the last few couple of days now, several days, really, in the lead-up to Senator McCain’s death, it’s really a kind of a fraudulence on the part of the U.S. mass media. If John McCain was a maverick, it’s only a high jump over very low standards.


Of all people in the world Americans living under turbocapitalism’s incredible power to harvest attention from serious matters really do live in the United States of Amnesia.”Distracted from distraction by distraction” as T.S. Eliot wrote. People literally forgot about McCain’s troublesome past as a loyal acolyte to US imperial and militarist interventions.

John McCain was shot down on his 23rd bombing mission over Vietnam, a country which had never attacked the USA, he was part of an imperial invasion of a neutral country. civilian casualties range from 1-2 million. In 1995 the North Vietnamese estimated the number at 2 million. 


McCain who referred to the Vietnamese in racist terms (”gooks”) in a 1973 article, landed in Truc Boc lake in Hanoi, was saved from drowning by a citizen.He claimed he was tortured but always has refused the release of his government debriefing.

A war hero? Hardly. Bombing innocent civilians in a foreign country which did not threaten you makes you complicit in war crimes. Only in a country where militarism runs rampant could such a character be deemed a war hero, virtually beyond criticism.McCain has been dining out freely on this spurious claim for over 40 years.

Now it is “received wisdom” beyond dispute,

Is it any wonder why the media is losing respect?

After his release from Vietnamese captivity in 1973, he was one of a dwindling band of those who backed Richard Nixon in stepping up bombing of Vietnam and Cambodia.

He continued the theme with firm support for George Bush’s reckless invasion of Iraq, going on to remark in 2008 that if US troops stayed inside the country for 100 years that would be “fine by me.” More recently he has struck similarly bellicose postures on Syria and North Korea.



Then there was the scandal which should have sidelined  McCain for good. Just google The Keating 5, a big part of the Savings and Loans scandals of 1987.As Arizonan writers 

Dan Nowicki and  and Bill Muller wrote ;

The Keating Five became synonymous for the kind of political influence that money can buy. As the S&L failure deepened, the sheer magnitude of the losses hit the press. Billions of dollars had been squandered. The five senators were linked as the gang who shilled for an S&L bandit.

Who remembers McCain’s role now. It’s ancient  stone age history in the country which constantly lives in the now

Mehdi Hasan reminded Democracy Now listeners of McCain’s incivility

Even if you discount the fact that McCain once publicly dismissed his wife as a “cunt.” Or that he referred to two of his fellow Republican senators as a “fucking jerk” and an “asshole.” Or that he mocked Chelsea Clinton, then a teenager, as “ugly.” Or that he refused to apologize for calling his Vietnamese captors “gooks.” Or that he slammed anti-war protesters as “low-life scum.”

Not to mention McCain gave the world the ignorant Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. Hasan:


In doing so, he granted prestige, influence, and credibility to a know-nothing demagogue and conspiracy theorist; a woman who thrived on racial and cultural resentment and would later become a leading figure in both the tea party and the “birther” movement.

On October 11, 2008, Democratic congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis lambasted both McCain and Palin for “sowing the seeds of hatred and division” and even compared their dangerous campaign rhetoric to that of arch-segregationist George Wallace. David Frum accused him of “whipping Republicans and conservatives into a fury that is going to be very hard to calm after November.”

Hasan finished a piece  on McCain like this

McCain requested for Obama to speak at his funeral. Perhaps the former president can start his eulogy by repeating aloud what he told New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait in October 2016: “I see a straight line from the announcement of Sarah Palin as the vice-presidential nominee to what we see today in Donald Trump … and the shift in the center of gravity for the Republican Party.”

Lastly McCain was brutal on his unblinkered support for Israel. Bibi Netanyahu “I will always treasure the constant friendship he showed to the people of Israel and to me personally.


Any text without a context is a pretext  Jesse Jackson Obit omit